November Steam Hardware Survey


DX11 up, XP down. Steam reveals the results of its 2010 hardware survey. Hardware’s important to PC gamers. Unlike console gamers, for whom hardware is little more than a feature list, fanboy bait, and marketing copy, it’s critical for PC gamers to know which bits do what in those crazy metal boxes sitting on their desks. It’s also critical to developers, who need to know how much of their potential market can actually play their masterpieces.

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Clark Briggs has been a gamer since the mid 80's. He is a Mechanical Engineer by trade, and loves technology, machines, and water sports. Clark is currently leads Zombie Monday, reviews games, and is the lead tech consultant for ANBU Gaming.


  1. br1ggs says:

    Its good to see that at least almost 60% of PC users are more powerful than the consoles.

  2. LaughingMan says:

    Ya, DX11 adoption rate is growing too. Windows XP lost a point.

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